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Are you having trouble conceiving? Infertility is a common problem, but it is often treatable with the right medical care. At New Generation Medical Practice in Brooklyn, New York, Dr. Barbara Gordon helps women resolve fertility problems with a wide range of diagnostic tests and treatments. To get on the road to a healthy pregnancy, call the office to schedule a consultation or book your appointment online.

Infertility Q & A

What causes infertility?

A number of factors can lead to infertility, and it’s not always possible to tell exactly why you’re having fertility problems. When excluding issues with your partner’s sperm quality or viability, fertility issues in women are often due to:

  • Uterine abnormalities: Like fibroids, polyps, or cysts
  • Hormonal issues: Conditions that can affect your menstrual cycle, your egg quality, or your uterine environment  
  • Fallopian tube damage: From conditions like endometriosis or pelvic surgery
  • Cervical conditions: Specific medical problems that prevent sperm from traveling through the cervical canal

In other cases, infertility can’t be explained medically. Unexplainable infertility affects about 20% of couples.

How is infertility treated?

Treatment for infertility depends on the cause, and Dr. Gordon works with each patient individually to determine what tests and procedures are needed. Some of the most common screening methods and treatments include:

  • Fertility testing (both male and female)
  • Ovulation monitoring
  • Semen analysis
  • Blood work

Dr. Gordon can also perform sonograms or other diagnostic tests to determine if anatomical problems might be contributing to your fertility issues. In cases where you have an underlying medical condition that’s causing infertility, she customizes a treatment plan to help you manage any symptoms and regulate your menstrual cycles.

Some couples might need a referral to a fertility specialist, but Dr. Gordon can help you navigate all the steps you need to take before this is necessary.

What results can I expect after infertility treatments?

The fertility journey can be long for some couples and short for others. Once Dr. Gordon has determined what is causing your fertility issues, it’s a matter of taking the right steps in the right order to resolve your problems and help you get pregnant. In some cases, treatment may take weeks or months.

With the help of a gynecologic expert, however, it’s possible to conceive and have a healthy pregnancy, even if you’ve had problems in the past.

To make an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Gordon and get on the path to pregnancy, call the office or book your session online today.